Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Search for Portable Ballet Barres, Part 2

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EDIT: Here is Part 3, a review (two years later)

After much deliberation, I decided to order an 8-foot portable double barre from the Ballet Barre Store. I liked that the barres were advertised as lightweight and easy to put together.  I also was pleased to see they have a 30-day return policy -- I would just have to foot the bill for any shipping it needed to be returned.

Both barres are adjustable, and the higher barre can go up to a height of 45 inches.  Compared to similar style barres, the $135 price tag was fairly inexpensive. I did a bit of research on the company behind the barre, Vita Vibe.  They also have a 5-year warranty on their products for full replacement or repair, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

After placing the order through their site using PayPal, I received the barre in about a week (but it was during the Christmas rush, so its possible your order would get to you sooner).  The package was long a slim and barely fit in my station wagon!  For those of you ordering longer barres, it might be wise to ship directly to your studio if possible.

I assembled the barre (ok, my fiance and I assembled the barre) in about 20 minutes.  It came with the required tools (a screwdriver) and was pretty easy to put together.  The barre is extremely lightweight, so while it could be easily moved by our younger ballet students, I'm worried about it holding up to abuse from my older students during barre stretches.  We have our first ballet classes back from break tomorrow so I will keep a close eye on it and report back!

This first barre was a trial so see if it will replace my older portable barres.  I am going to wait a month or two before purchasing more to see how it holds up.
Full Disclosure:  I am not sponsored by Vita Vibe or The Ballet Barre Store.  I am merely a customer writing a review! :)

EDIT: Here is Part 3, a review (two years later)


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  2. Just curious how this barre held up.  I teach at a high school with limited funds so if this product has made you happy, I would like to get it for my classroom.  Thanks!

  3. I am also curious about how the Vita Vibe barre has held up.  Thanks!

  4. So far so good!  It's been about a year and a half of daily abuse and it is still going strong.  It is sturdy enough that is has not lost its shape or 'loosened' the way some older-style barres do. 

    However if you're looking for a barre that will not move an inch when a student grabs it as they are falling out of a pirouette, it might not be heavy-weight enough.  I wish it was a little bit heavier as I'm always afraid the girls are going to knock it over.

  5. You can see the review of the barre here:

  6. Just did a review:


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