Friday, September 21, 2012

Currently Loving: New Capris

I was recently doing some shopping for fall clothes (online, of course, because who has time to go to the store anymore?!) and I grabbed two pairs of these babies from Forever21.

I use Forever21 for cheap tank tops and basic T-shirts to teach in and to layer under other shirts / over leotards, basically anything under $5 because I know its not great quality, but I'll get some good wear out of it and I like options.  I had a gift card to use and they had a sale so I added something over my usual $5 limit:  the Contrast Ruched Athletic Capris (colors too!). 

Just got them in the mail today and I LOVE them!

I was expecting the usual cheap cotton fabric, but they're actually quite nice being spandex, nylon and polyester.  They fit like leggings rather than capris, but I like that there is color on the bottom.  They ran me $15.60 each - I think they're now $17.80, but that's not too bad considering I will probably wear them every week or so.

They will be a cute update to my usual BLACK on BLACK teaching uniform. 

What do you wear to teach in (or take class)?  Score any new stuff for the new teaching season?

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