Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Western Week Day #2: Cowgirls!

For Day #2 of our Western Week Dance Camp we are learning more new dance steps and making cowgirl neckerchiefs!

Day #2 Agenda

8:50-9:00am - Parent Drop-off / Student Sign-in
9:00-9:30am - Warm-up - we went on a "Bear Hunt"
9:30-10:00am - Jazz Dance class - adding on to our dance
10:00-10:45am - Craft - Neckerchiefs and Cowboy Sunsets
10:45-11:00am - Snack Time
11:00-11:45am - Tap Class - reviewing yesterday's dance
11:45-12:00pm - Games / Cool-down - we made an obstacle course

Day #2 Crafts: Cowgirl Neckerchiefs & Cowboy Sunsets

For the Neckerchiefs, You Will Need:

- Fabric cut into large squares (big enough to fold in half)
- Fabric Paint
- Paintbrushes
- Optional: rubber fabric stamps

Prep work:  My Camp Director cut out the fabric squares ahead of time and we made a painter's palette for each group of two.  

We have a collection of rubber stamps that grows each year--most popular are the letter stamps and flowers. Some of the campers preferred to stamp and other drew designs and scenes. 

Whichever they chose, they all turned out beautiful and the kids were excited to wear them for the show!

Some of the finished products - each unique!
If you're wondering what those orange circles are, they are the next craft - Cowboy Sunsets.

For the Cowboy Sunset craft, you will need:

- Coffee filters
- Food coloring droppers
- Paper plates
- Scissors
- A cowboy silhouette (found here)
- Glue
- Glitter  (optional)

Instructions for this craft can be found at Busy Bee Crafts, but I'll show a little how we did ours.  This was a 2-day craft since we had to let the coffee filters dry.

One at a time, the kids wet a coffee filter until it was soaked in the sink.

Adding water to the coffee filter
 Then they dripped a few drops of red and yellow food coloring on:
Adding red dye first 
Then some yellow
Then we added more water to spread the food coloring around the whole filter: 

And we let them dry overnight.

Our drying sunsets.

Eventually the will turn into this:

That's all for today - see ya tomorrow, partner!

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