Monday, August 30, 2010

Pas de Trois Response: What Is the Most Important Quality In a Dance Teacher

Our answer to 3dancer's most recent question: What is the most important quality in a dance teacher?

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The most important quality in a dance teacher?


Passion for understanding the human body and its physiology.

Passion for meeting new dancers and the challenge of different types of learners.

Passion and knowing how far to push without breaking.

Passion for music and its relationship with dance.

Passion for passing the tradition of dance on to the next generation.

Passion brings the element of theatrics to class, transforms the room and focuses dancers on being in the moment. A passionate teacher lives and breathes dance and makes you want to love dance that much more.

A teacher without passion is a like a candle without a flame.


  1. Beautiful answer! Thanks so much for participating in this! I love the way you wrote it too--giving examples of how the passion creates their art...
    We'll post a link to this in our answer section. Appreciate you joining in!

  2. Thanks a lot for the support :)
    Henrik from Tights and Tiaras/Pas de Trois :)

  3. You're welcome guys (and lady)! I'm looking forward to reading your upcoming posts!


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