Friday, September 3, 2010

Follow Friday on Twitter: Bloggers & Dance Magazines

If you don't use Twitter, you don't know what you're missing! Twitter can be an overwhelming onslaught of mini-messages, but it can also be very useful to a dancer looking for audition updates or an inside look at being a professional dancer.

Here are a few of our favorite dance Twitter-ers :)

@DanceTWorkshop - DanceTheaterWorkshop - Bio: DTW maintains an uncompromising mission to identify, present, & support independent contemporary artists & companies to advance dance & live performance.
Our favorite recent tweet:
DanceTWorkshop: Line the dance floor with bubblewrap. #UnsolicitedDanceAdvice
@KinerEnterprises - Love this blog too! Bio: Kiner Enterprises Inc. provides dance studios & dance companies with social media marketing training and coaching,and dance teacher staffing consulting.

@Sheri_Is - Another dance blogger - good stuff! Bio: Semi-Retired Ballet dancer, choreographer, p/t ballet/ballroom instructor. Also an animal lover, interested in psychology, inspiration.

@danceMarketing - His tweets are funny and informative
Bio: Hey, I LOVE dance. I also love marketing. I specialize in helping dance teachers & dance studios get more students. Get paid for dance!

And of course, you can find all of our buzz on our Twitter page:

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my blog on your list of people to follow! I appreciate it very much!


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