Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Dance Things I Love...

In no particular order, the dance things I love:

 When my littles rush into class because they can't wait one more second to start dancing

Opening up the first costume shipping box of the season

The hush of the audience as the lights go down in the theater

Celebrating the small accomplishments

Warm-up camaraderie before a performance

Turns in tap shoes (picture is Ruby Keeler)

Combinations with pirouettes on the right side

Taking a master class and being a student again

By the end of the year, how each class feels like its own little family

The buzz backstage at a performance


Clean mirrors

The moment before you step on stage from the wings

Perfectly worn-in shoes

Getting lost in the movement

This is my take on Dance Advantage's February "Circle Time" post.  

Share your favorite dance things below in the comments!

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