Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April Pinspiration: Leaps & Jumps

If you're not on Pinterest - don't join, it's too addicting! If you are - add me to see all the lovely dance things I find around the web.

This week I was looking for some inspiration in the way of leaps and jumps and I found some lovely unique leaps I'd like to share so you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.

Now if only I could get my students to look like this...

"Rachel P."  By Eduardoizq 

Boys represent!  Look at that height... (Unknown photo source)

Gorgeous - Photo via Pointe Magazine's Pinterest

Top photo - rehearsal | Bottom photo - performance - Photo by: Gene Schiavone

Fierce!  Photo By: Peddecord Photo
Photo By: Richard Calmes

Epic C-Jump - Unknown Source
YES.   (Unknown Source)

Hopefully your day just got a little bit better by looking at these lovely leaps!  I know mine did :)

Happy Wednesday!

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