Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Blog Challenge: What Are You Reading?

Happy August! 

Wait.  That should read: What? It's August?  What do you mean there's only five weeks until classes start? Ack!

For me, August is the last chance for some time off from teaching (our summer classes only run until the end of July), which is when I do things like... go to the ballet, read dance books and catch up on SYTYCD.   A.K.A. dance inspiration time!

So in honor of the inspiration that comes from the written word, and in honor of all the college students heading back in for a new year of reading and learning, August's Blog challenge is to post about what you're reading now, what you've read this summer or even just your favorite dance book, business book or children's book.

Don't have a blog? No problem! You can participate by leaving a comment below, tweeting @thedancebuzz or posting to our Facebook wall!   Also follow my "Worth a Read" pinterest board, if you're obsessed with Pinterest like I am into that kind of thing.

I'll post my summer reading list shortly and I look forward to reading yours!

Check out these great reading lists:
+ Moira's recommendation for teaching irish dancing at On My Toes
+ The Dance Buzz's summer / fall reading list with a mix of dance and business books
+ Check out Read It. Move It. Share It., a collaboration between Maria's Movers and Picture Books & Pirouettes 


  1. Here's my (late) August blog challange!

  2. Thanks!  Best of luck teaching this year :)


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